Posted by: jacksterja | 26 July, 2007

Hot Chilli Woman

Mmmm…I love chilli. Fresh chilli, dried chilli, chilli sauce, chilli stir fry, pickled jalpenos, chilli sin carne, scrambled eggs with chilli, hot curry, home grown chillis and anything else that’s spicy (I’ll even go for hot english mustard, horseradish or wasabi).

Recently, my regular supermarket chain, as they tend to do, decided (in their infinite wisdom) to discontinue stocking my favourite chilli sauce.

Byron Bay Sauce Company chilli sauces totally rock.

So, anyway, I was definitely feeling the loss from my vast collection of chilli sauces.

Thank god for the internet.

I found this amazing website that sells all sorts of chilli sauces. Some that even the greatest of chilli afficionados (me, of course) had never heard of.

I managed to order at least a couple of each of the range. I was a happy girl. A “Hot Chilli Woman” if you please.

Then I discovered the chilli heat ratings system.

One thing you’ll be fully aware of if you eat a lot of chilli, but will be oblivious if you don’t, is that the more of the stuff you eat, the more tolerant you become.

Since I eat chilli pretty much as a major part of three meals a day, I have a pretty reasonable tolerance. I laugh in the face of things that make NTB sweat and hear ringing in his ears. I can’t even taste a touch of tabasco in a dish. I thought I was invincible.

So the new chilli sauce website had ratings, in heat, of 1 to 10.

The sauce that I spotted had a rating of 10+++………the highest you could get. It was called “Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce”. And it was supposed to be the hottest chilli sauce you can buy in the country. I was instantly hooked. I had to have it!!!!

Right up until the point where I spotted the product below it in the catalogue….

Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce!!!!

Of course I ordered some. It was supposed to be even hotter than the hottest sauce ever on sale in this country.

On the label it warned – “Use one drop at a time”

I ignored that.

Well, the verdict could be weak, boring, couldn’t even taste it. How disappointing. 😦

Except it wasn’t.


Maybe I’ll just have one drop next time.



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