Posted by: jacksterja | 27 June, 2010

Jacki Loves…having a cleaner

I work really hard, and my time is really valuable to me. For a while I didn’t do that whole work thing that seems to make the world go round, and unemployment made a great housewife of me.

I kept a pretty damn clean house. And I like it that way.

When I went back to work, I found myself re-assessing things. NTB, for all his good points, has that condition prevalent in many of his gender where he doesn’t share my innate desire to have a clean house occasionally…or more accurately, he doesn’t notice dirt until it averages about a foot thick.

Outsourcing seemed the wisest option. Fortuitously, a flyer appeared in my mailroom noticeboard around this time. And to cut out the boring details of my shopping around for a cleaner, I’ll just leave it at the fact that this is how I met Chloe.

Funnily enough, Chloe is also the name of my inner child. As opposed to Agnes, who is my inner cantankerous old lady who owns 73 cats and confiscates any cricket balls that come over the fence and who all the neighbourhood kids all think is a witch…but that’s taking a tangent into a whole nother story.

So Chloe cleans my house. Brilliantly. In ways I wouldn’t even think of doing occasionally, let alone on a regular basis. I now have a couple of friends who live close and they now get her to clean their houses too, and I’m sure they love her nearly as much as I do. I nearly cried when she got stuck in the UK (she’s English) with that stupid volcano with way too many consonants.

So it’s OK and totally normal if I just walk around the house after she’s been, and soak up all the clean vibes? Right? Right??

I love having a cleaner. (And for the record I totally realise how lucky I am to be able to do that).

Posted by: jacksterja | 25 June, 2010

Jacki Loves….Fridays!

I love Fridays. And not just in that I’m-glad-the-rest-of-the-workdays-are-finally-over TGIF-relieved kind of way. I love Fridays all on their own.

Fridays are full of hope and promise of the weekend. Before the weekend starts and get bogged down in chores and events and stuff to do in general, Friday has a buoyant feeling where the weekend stretches out before you, an endless sea of possibilities.

Fridays are casual clothes day. Today I’m wearing a new dress and fabulous new boots and I feel (uncharacteristically) stylish and fashionable. He he. Possibly hard to believe, and even likely all in my head, but it does add an extra spring in my step and an extra bit of magic to my day.

Friday lunch I let myself have something special, something a bit naughty, something delicious after being sensible all week. Today it was my favourite pizza place (that’s probably another post in itself) and they change their menu choices daily but today they had my two favourite varieties!

It’s not every Friday that I do it, but I’m going tonight to a brand new place with one of my favourite people! And every Friday beings with it at least that possibility.

So three cheers for Friday!

p.s. These are the boots in case you’re interested – the Zeva, but it gray, not black like they show in the catalogue.

p.p.s. I may have accidentally bought these flats, the Abeila in silver at the same time. Oops!

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Love to love you, baby.

So I’m trying something new here. In a bid to be positive and appreciative of life, I’m going to start a new series about things that I love.

I’m a pretty passionate (some might say opinionated!) person, and sometimes that translates into whingeing when I really don’t like things (you’ve noticed? really?). but sometimes it translates into things that I really, really love. And there’s lots of those things too. So eyes peeled and I’ll tell you all about them!

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Jacki Moment

OK, changing email addresses has its perils. would you believe after the triumphant return I lost my password and had dramas getting it back?

Only I could do that, I’m sure. Gah. Anyway, really back. With password safely stowed somewhere I can find it. and email updated.

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Yes, so let’s get this out of the way. I’m still sad. There are some things that happen and no matter what else happens you’ll always be sad. Even typing this those all-too-familiar prickles are behind my eyes, and I’m not really even talking about what happened.

That whole thing isn’t what I’m here to talk about, though. It’s too raw and too personal and still too painful, and maybe one day, but not today.

Instead I’m here to talk about yesterday. I’ve been trying to work out how I could come back here and write again for a while. This has always been a pretty light-hearted blog and I’ve kept it deliberately from anything too serious.

I don’t think that’s what this is going to end up as. For a start, I’m not sure I can do that honestly anymore. I don’t even think that that anyone’s really interested in hearing that if it doesn’t ring true.

Anyway, I had decided to come back and just start writing and see if it goes anywhere. And I chose yesterday as the day I was going to do that.

The 27th of May is always an interesting day for me. It seems a lifetime ago, but back in 1994, on that day, the previously the worst thing that ever happened to me happened. the 27th of May is the day I died.

It’s a long story, and at least as melodramatic as that last sentence. I came back (obviously, otherwise this blog would be a very unique one indeed) but it was a long and difficult process and one that changed me forever.

For a long time I used to dread the anniversary. But time, as the saying goes, actually does help. I’m not sure exactly when it turned around, but now NTB and I call it my “Surviaversary” and I use it as an annual reminder about second chances and that life is too short to waste and that every day is a bonus.

So what better day to come back here? To come back and try to find the person I was before? It all made perfect sense.

Except NTB and I both came down with shocking head colds, and after dragging ourselves to work, despite feeling like absolute rubbish, we postponed the usual survivaversary dinner, and ordered home delivery and watched a DVD before an early night. I know, I know. Our lavish party lifestyle is to be admired and envied.

Anyway, a day later than scheduled, and after playing over what I would put in this post for at least a week (and ending up with something entirely improvised regardless) here I am.


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um, yeah. so I haven’t written forever. if anyones wondering: sorry.
I am actually not ok.
I couldn’t keep writing and keeping up what this blog was all about while I was going through a really shithouse personal time.
then something so bad and personally devestating and wrong made that seem like a picnic.
so I’m sorry if you’re here because you liked hearing about how bad the bus is or somthing. I don’t think i’m that Jacki any more.
maybe I’ll figure out who new Jacki is and what she has to say. til then. j

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Photo Diary

…and if that last post interested you, photo diary is pretty much up to date over here

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Family pics

My sister Mel recently had another baby: Mateya Adele. I took a quick trip over to WA to visit her and my other nieces and nephew (aka cutest kids in the world!)

Here are some of my favourite pics from the trip.

Posted by: jacksterja | 23 September, 2009

Wild and Woolly Weather

Crazy dust storm blanketing Sydney this morning. It felt like waking up on a different planet. Combine this with the fact that yesterday it was 32 degrees and I spent the day by the pool, then last night there was an insane thunderstorm, and it’s been a very strange couple of days indeed! 

I took some photos in the park across the road from my apartment last weekend, then the same views this morning…check it out!

The airport

The airport

...and the usual view

...and the usual view

Looking back at my apartment complex and where the view of the city normally is

Looking back at my apartment complex and where the view of the city normally is

Normal View

Normal View

Posted by: jacksterja | 25 July, 2009

A Cinderella Story – Warning Girly story ahead!

I was out and about yesterday afternoon, doing a couple of chores and about an hour’s walk from home, when my fairy godmother came calling.

Well, actually it was a recruitment agent that I have done contract work through and have worked with quite a lot recently. But the point of the story is that it came with an invitation to the ball being held for Prince Charming.

Well, actually, it wasn’t really a ball. It was the ATA NSW awards dinner. But it did involve formal dress, so it was kind of like a ball. And (truth be told) there wasn’t really any handsome prince ( I already have one of those, anyway) but there was the opportunity to network with over 400 people in my industry, and given that I’m looking for a new contract at the moment that seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.

So I accepted the invitation. All good, right? Except that a girl usually needs a little more than 4 hours notice for a formal event. Particularly in winter, when…um…certain personal groom habits tend to slip a little.

Luckily it’s also one of my other very mild super-powers that I am surprisingly quick at getting ready for things.  So yesterday afternoon (remember to exclude the hour it took me to get home – although that did give me time to plan my attack) involved…

  1. Pull party frocks out of storage. Contemplate, try on for size (curse yo-yoing weight), decide on dress. Settle on silver patterned baby-doll style. Not too revealing and something I bought last year and still haven’t had the opportunity to wear.
  2. Repeat with shoes. Decide on silver diamante stilettos. (Decide at this point to splash out on a taxi, as walking any distance in these shoes will be a recipe for disaster).
  3. Leg wax. Imperative after being more than a little neglected of late.
  4. Layer one of tanning lotion (see comments on step one).
  5. Trim and file toenails. Apply coat one of nail polish to toenails.
  6. Eyebrow wax
  7. Hairdryer used to finish off steps 2 and 3.
  8. Layer 2 of tanning lotion
  9. Second coat of nail polish
  10. That hairdryer trick again.
  11. 30 minutes to ensure everything is really dry and set.
  12. Shower with hair wash, deep condition and full body exfoliation.
  13. Full body moisturise. (Lucas Pawpaw ointment, from the biggest tub it can be bought in, in case you were wondering)
  14. Deodorise and perfume.
  15. Do hair – brush, blow-dry (my hair dryer saw more action yesterday than it has in months!), spray and wax.
  16. Make up…I haven’t forgotten how after all!
  17. Dig out my favourite party handbag. Marvel again how versatile it is, how cute it is (even after having seen a couple of year’s of use) and what a bargain it was as I bought it at markets yonks ago for the huge price of $10.
  18. Pull regular handbag contents out onto the table and repack essentials into party handbag.
  19. Slip on frock, shoes, handbag, jacket.
  20. Out the door, downstairs and into a taxi!

What a mammoth effort!

And the ball went well, the food and wine was great, I managed to be a grown-up and not embarass myself by drinking too much or doing anything too uncoordinated in my heels, and managed to swap business cards with plenty of prospective employers.

And I was home by midnight!


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