Posted by: jacksterja | 13 August, 2010

Jacki Loves…(and also kind of hates)…City2Surf

Last Sunday was City2Surf. Sydney’s iconic fun-run and now the world’s biggest with a  record 80,000 entries.

 Yup. I ran. This is my third (and slowest) year getting up in the freezing cold, at sparrow’s fart on a Sunday, and slogging my built-for-comfort-not-speed butt 14 kilometres from Sydney CBD to Bondi beach with a dirty great hill stretching from the 6km mark to the 7km flag.

 Ouch. Ow ow ow ow ow!!!

 I love the event. It’s a fabulous day. The vibe of so many people out to enjoy themselves, to challenge themselves, to join in, or just to have a look is brilliant. The spectacle of along the route is no less spectacular. Everything from glam rock bands to oom-pah bands providing entertainment, costumes, charity events, and 20 storm-troopers riding an invisible roller coaster.

 But it’s hard. And it’s painful. Unless you’re one of those freaky people, even if you’re a good runner you’re going to hurt doing this race. It’s a road race, so it’s a hard surface so rough on the old joints. Somehow the weather gods have long-ago decided to bless the race, and so the day is always fine and clear and sunny…and sunburn and wind burn are serious risks.

 Oh, and did I mention it’s a freaking 14 kilometre run!!!!!

 So the upshot it, it’s something that I love. And it’s something I hate. And it’s all about attitude. Pushing through the pain. And I love it. Enjoying the ride. Taking it easy and making it your own personal challenge, and pushing yourself as hard as you can to see if you can hack it, and the mental games you play with yourself at every different stage.

Can you tell I’m conflicted? I am. And the best bit? Finishing. Knowing you’ve done it. Sharing stories with your friends who did it too. Picking up your little medallion and feeling smug that you got your arse out of bed and did it.

 Til next year. J


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