Posted by: jacksterja | 28 July, 2010

Jacki Loves….people who do nice things even when they don’t have to

Especially when they’re small things.

Like my bus driver this morning. It was pouring with rain this morning (and for the rest of the day for tha matter). I managed to get off the bus without my umbrella (of course I did. Did you forget who you were talking to here?) and realised almost immediately. What with the getting wet and everything.

The bus had pulled up and was waiting at a red light just ahead so I figured I had nothing to lose and ran up and knocked on the door, doing my best sign-language for “I left my brolly on the bus”.

I konw there’s probably some rule. Some bureaucratic, red-tape, OH&S, little man with the power to make rules rule saying the drivers aren’t supposed to open the door and let people on when they’re stopped at the lights. Imagine the chaos that could ensue!

But she did anyway, and even opened the back door and let me off again once I’d picked it up instead of making me ride to the next stop.

Thankyou driver! You made my day a little better.


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