Posted by: jacksterja | 23 July, 2010

Jacki Loves…..lunch edition

I work pretty much slap-bang in the middle of Sydney CBD. In fact, I just google-mapped “Sydney CBD” and the pin came down about 100m from my office. (I’m funny like that). So there are literally hundreds of options for those days when I buy my lunch.

I have made it my personal mission, over a number of years working in the CBD (unemployment and contracting phases in the ‘burbs notwithstanding) to find the most delicious lunch options just so I could share them with you on this site. Not for myself, you understand…it’s totally altruistic, I swear!

So I’ll give you my top 4 beloved lunch venues. But keep it under your hat, ok? Readers only. I don’t want to have to queue next time I’m there.


Fresh & Zesty These guys do the best salads I’ve found. I know you’re looking puzzled at the idea of salad, but I’m talking about delicious salads with chickpeas and artichoke. Brown rice with currants and cashews and olives. Mixed bean salads. couscous and other deliciousness.


Pho Ever. It’s a chain, yes. But for all that, their made to order stir fry noodles are cheap and fresh and tasty. Try the lemongrass sauce. Or the Herbal Hot sauce. Trust me.


Vermicelli. These guys do pretty much 2 things. and they do them very well. Rice paper rolls and Vermicelli bowls. They are very fresh, the proportion of ingredients is perfect and I can’t resist going there at least once a week. Like today. 🙂


And my favourite lunch place is a recent addition. I stumbled on it by chance, as it’s further to walk than the other competitors. but completely divine. The winner is: The Goood Pizza. This guy makes pizza to die for. The potato and truffle is a little slice of heaven. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this stuff. UN. BE. LIEVE. ABLE.


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