Posted by: jacksterja | 25 June, 2010

Jacki Loves….Fridays!

I love Fridays. And not just in that I’m-glad-the-rest-of-the-workdays-are-finally-over TGIF-relieved kind of way. I love Fridays all on their own.

Fridays are full of hope and promise of the weekend. Before the weekend starts and get bogged down in chores and events and stuff to do in general, Friday has a buoyant feeling where the weekend stretches out before you, an endless sea of possibilities.

Fridays are casual clothes day. Today I’m wearing a new dress and fabulous new boots and I feel (uncharacteristically) stylish and fashionable. He he. Possibly hard to believe, and even likely all in my head, but it does add an extra spring in my step and an extra bit of magic to my day.

Friday lunch I let myself have something special, something a bit naughty, something delicious after being sensible all week. Today it was my favourite pizza place (that’s probably another post in itself) and they change their menu choices daily but today they had my two favourite varieties!

It’s not every Friday that I do it, but I’m going tonight to a brand new place with one of my favourite people! And every Friday beings with it at least that possibility.

So three cheers for Friday!

p.s. These are the boots in case you’re interested – the Zeva, but it gray, not black like they show in the catalogue.

p.p.s. I may have accidentally bought these flats, the Abeila in silver at the same time. Oops!


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