Posted by: jacksterja | 25 July, 2009

A Cinderella Story – Warning Girly story ahead!

I was out and about yesterday afternoon, doing a couple of chores and about an hour’s walk from home, when my fairy godmother came calling.

Well, actually it was a recruitment agent that I have done contract work through and have worked with quite a lot recently. But the point of the story is that it came with an invitation to the ball being held for Prince Charming.

Well, actually, it wasn’t really a ball. It was the ATA NSW awards dinner. But it did involve formal dress, so it was kind of like a ball. And (truth be told) there wasn’t really any handsome prince ( I already have one of those, anyway) but there was the opportunity to network with over 400 people in my industry, and given that I’m looking for a new contract at the moment that seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.

So I accepted the invitation. All good, right? Except that a girl usually needs a little more than 4 hours notice for a formal event. Particularly in winter, when…um…certain personal groom habits tend to slip a little.

Luckily it’s also one of my other very mild super-powers that I am surprisingly quick at getting ready for things.  So yesterday afternoon (remember to exclude the hour it took me to get home – although that did give me time to plan my attack) involved…

  1. Pull party frocks out of storage. Contemplate, try on for size (curse yo-yoing weight), decide on dress. Settle on silver patterned baby-doll style. Not too revealing and something I bought last year and still haven’t had the opportunity to wear.
  2. Repeat with shoes. Decide on silver diamante stilettos. (Decide at this point to splash out on a taxi, as walking any distance in these shoes will be a recipe for disaster).
  3. Leg wax. Imperative after being more than a little neglected of late.
  4. Layer one of tanning lotion (see comments on step one).
  5. Trim and file toenails. Apply coat one of nail polish to toenails.
  6. Eyebrow wax
  7. Hairdryer used to finish off steps 2 and 3.
  8. Layer 2 of tanning lotion
  9. Second coat of nail polish
  10. That hairdryer trick again.
  11. 30 minutes to ensure everything is really dry and set.
  12. Shower with hair wash, deep condition and full body exfoliation.
  13. Full body moisturise. (Lucas Pawpaw ointment, from the biggest tub it can be bought in, in case you were wondering)
  14. Deodorise and perfume.
  15. Do hair – brush, blow-dry (my hair dryer saw more action yesterday than it has in months!), spray and wax.
  16. Make up…I haven’t forgotten how after all!
  17. Dig out my favourite party handbag. Marvel again how versatile it is, how cute it is (even after having seen a couple of year’s of use) and what a bargain it was as I bought it at markets yonks ago for the huge price of $10.
  18. Pull regular handbag contents out onto the table and repack essentials into party handbag.
  19. Slip on frock, shoes, handbag, jacket.
  20. Out the door, downstairs and into a taxi!

What a mammoth effort!

And the ball went well, the food and wine was great, I managed to be a grown-up and not embarass myself by drinking too much or doing anything too uncoordinated in my heels, and managed to swap business cards with plenty of prospective employers.

And I was home by midnight!



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