Posted by: jacksterja | 8 April, 2009

Doing a Jacki

Given that there’s a whole categoryon here that’s labelled “Jacki’s a clutz”, you may have gathered that I occasionally do the odd silly thing.

Like turning up for today’s seminar at 10 o’clock instead of 1 o’clock. It’s only one little character different, after all. Even if I did have it written in my diary for the correct time and everything.

Although I originally wrote the wrong date when I first booked in, and only found out by accident. (Do you think the universe is trying to tell me not to go?)

Anyway, it’s fair to say that I do these sorts of things enough that there has actually developed a name for this type of ditziness.

Do you think it’s a bad thing that I can tell my firends I’ve “done a Jacki” and they know what I’m talking about?


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