Posted by: jacksterja | 16 February, 2009

Only Jacki…

OK, so here’s a story that could only be about me.

On Saturday I went to use my (mobile) phone. It told me I was on limited service. I vaguely recalled seeing the same message at work the day before and though it was a little odd. I’ve been trying to have a bit of “me” time this week so hadn’t thought too much about my phone. a little while later I checked again and there was still no service. Pretty odd given my phone generally  works when I’m at home.

I checked my call log and discovered I hadn’t made or received a call in three days. I did the classic reboot – shut down the phone and started it back up – to discover about 8 sms’s and half a dozen voicemails. I wouldn’t have believed that I could go that long without noticing my phone not working, but there you go, I guess it’s possible.

Now Saturday is a bit of a special day for me and NTB. It’s our anniversary. Yup, you quick-thinking readers out there will notice that it’s also Valentines Day. That’s a whole other story and how that happened is unlikely to ever make it onto this blog out of respect for the privacy of both my beloved and myself.

Anyway, the point is that we were due to go out for dinner that night. whilst in one way it’s a good thing to have your anniversary on Valentines day (he’s unlikely to forget it! And from his perspective he gets away with one dinner for two events), it can also be quite difficult to get restaurant bookings at the good places that night.

I’m a bit of a planner so I had picked out a restaurant and made a  booking weeks ago (still managed only my second choice, believe it or not) at a Vietnamese restaurant called Bay Thin. And one of the voicemails on my phone was from a restaurant calling to confirm my booking.

I called quick smart to make sure we still had our table and everything was OK. I kind of started to think something was a little odd when the guy I spoke to on the phone had a clearly Italian accent. I didn’t want to be too rude, so I asked him to confirm the address.

I was confounded to discover the address was for a completely different suburb from where I thought I was going. A little thrown, I asked what restaurant I was talking to.

Bar Reggio. an Italian bistro.

Hmmm….Bay Thin….Bar Reggio???? Uh Oh.

Yup, I had been looking at the hone number for the restaurant directly above the one I had meant to in the Yellow Pages Listing. Of course.

After a review of options (Go for the Italian anyway, unsuccessfully trying to get a booking at the original Vietnamese place) we ended up going for Japanese.


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