Posted by: jacksterja | 23 January, 2009


I love fruit. At work I’m known (and occasionally taken the piss out of) for it. Every week I take a bag of fruit that’s in season into work for morning and/or afternoon tea. I just think it’s the best snack food and a true miracle of nature that something so tasty could be wrapped up in such a perfect package and actually be good for you as well!

At the moment I’m especially loving all the stone fruits. At home I’ve been making fruit salad with mangoes and apricots and peaches and blueberries and my absolute favourite fruit…the nectarine.

Last weekend at was at my friendly neighbourhood greengrocer I found some amazing looking nectarines. They were big and fat and juicy with that perfect blush colour and they smelled like summer. Of course I bought half a dozen.

The other day I brought one into work in my bag. You know that feeling where you put your hand in a bag and something’s gotten smooshed and it’s sticky and soggy and all over everything in your bag? Well I had that feeling.

This morning I looked at the last nectarine in the bowl. It looked so ripe and juicy and delicious and I really wanted to take it to work, and I really didn’t want it to get squished.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and I had a necessity….

I can tell you from experience that bubble wrap works a treat!



Of course as an addendum to the story…me being me, I managed to drip nectarine juice all down the front of my top. And who says I’m no lady?


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