Posted by: jacksterja | 13 January, 2009

The Meaning of Liff – The fifth Amendment

There’s this great book called The Meaning of Liff, by Douglas Adams. It is a whole book of Liff, which, apparently, by definition is “In Life there are many hundreds of common experiences, feeling, situations and even objects which we all know and recognise, but for which no words exist”

The rules are also that the word needs to be a place name.

If you’ve never encountered it, you absolutely, totally and completely should. Along with everything else Douglas Adams ever went near.

But..I digress.

I was web-surfing tonight and checking a couple of web-comics I like to read. As many of these things do, they have subtext you can read by hovering over them, that add an extra bit to the joke in the comic. There’s probably some sort of technical name (a liff? Please enlighten me) but I don’t know it.

Anyway, since I live in Australia and have kind of crappy internet connection issues, it’s pretty common that I see the subheading before I see the comic.

Is there a name for that particular phenomenon, because it can quite often change to total experience. And can it be a place name (appropriate) please? Any suggestion?


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