Posted by: jacksterja | 15 November, 2008

Melbourne Memories

God it feels like ages ago, but I never did get around to telling all about the shenanigins in Melbourne. Ronene and I flew down for a long weekend. We stayed with the lovely Alison, managed to surprise the hell out of Nicky, I went to the races for the very first time at the Cox Plate, we saw the musical Wicked and alround had a pretty amazing time, and even went and saw Phar Lap at the museum! (For non-Aussie readers, you may want to look up how significant that is for us). I came back exhausted, but had an absolute ball getting that way!

Here’s a happy snap of Nicky, Ronene & Me catching up over a couple of glasses of champers. Nicky has a bit of a history of surprising people by turning up unexpectedly. She now lives in Melbourne, and we managed to get her back by not letting her know Ronene was coming down to visit too.

Nicky, Ronene & Me

Nicky, Ronene & Me

Here are a couple of snaps from the races. It was a really really fun day. There’s just something so fun about getting dressed up in a frock and hat and drinking champagne in the sun. I did find it hilarious, however, to see all the trendy young things singing along with great gusto when Daryl Braithwaite turned up to sing (of course) The Horses.
Ronene, Sarah, Alison, Koshtana & I

Ronene, Sarah, Alison, Koshtana & I

I did learn a few things that day. Firstly that I am not a good horse chooser. Secondly that it is possible to leave the races and still be in a pretty respectable state…but really only if they run out of champagne. Thirdly, really fabulous shoes are very, very important. Especially if they’re comfortable enough to not cripple you by the end of the day. And fourthly, the best marketing idea I’ve ever seen was the pharmacy who advertised by handing out free thongs (the Australian meaning, not the American) at the end of the day.

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