Posted by: jacksterja | 3 November, 2008

Another Jacki Moment

Bec was doing a day’s work in Chatswood. I’ve been working over this side of the bridge, not that far from Chatswood. It seemed logical to have a glass of wine or 3 together at the end of the day, especially as we’ve not seen each other for a while.


The end of the night comes around. I head to the station and realize it’s a good 45 minutes until the next train, then I’d have to wait in the city and then get another train and then walk the rest of the way. “Bugger that”, I thought “I’ll get a taxi”.


So I did just that.


I had a lovely taxi driver on the way home. Iranian with some pretty amazing stories. We were still chatting as he dropped me off and I paid with my card as I didn’t have a lot of cash on me. As I got out he passed me a business card and told me to give him a call if I needed a taxi again North of the bridge.


Pity he handed me his business card, but not my credit card back.


I actually realized fairly quickly, as I hopped online when I got home to pay for some tickets online.


I walked back outside and down to where I had been dropped off. No sign of the missing card. My building complex has a security office, and the guard was inside. I asked her, and she said that she hadn’t found a card, but that a taxi driver had been in with a car left in a taxi. As it didn’t have an address and the driver didn’t know what unit, he wasn’t able to leave it.


OK, deep breath from me. At least he’s had a try at getting it back. I head back upstairs, thankful for the business card, and give my taxi driver friend a call.


He has my card. He’s back over North, but suggests he’ll drop it in at a local branch of my bank. Great idea! I put a temporary stop on the card just in case, and head off to bed feeling better about the situation.


About an hour later my phone rings, beside the bed. I groggily answer. It’s the police. They have my card. Confusedly, I say that’s fine and that I’ll come pick it up tomorrow.


Apparently they don’t just hold things like that. Oh no, imagine how easy that would have been! They’d much prefer my card was out there at risk of being used and abused by anyone, than have to hold onto it for 12 hours.


The taxi driver was still there, so I get the helpful police officer to put him on. Apparently he’d been to several branches, but hadn’t found one with anywhere secure he could leave the card. He thought the next best option was to take it to the police.


We decide on a new course of action. I’ll call him when he starts work the next day. I do that, and he takes my unit number, and organises to drop it off to security at my apartments if he gets a far to the area that night, or drop it in the post if he doesn’t.


The next night I got my card back. I have some serious respect for the honesty of my new favourite cabbie, and have his number saved in my phone as he’ll be my first choice of who to give a fare to in the future! Here’s to an honest cabbie!


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