Posted by: jacksterja | 19 October, 2008

Notes from a stranger

yeah, um, hi, again with the whole apologies thing. My life is seriously crazy at the moment and I can’t promise it’s going to change any time too soon….

but anyway, here’s a quick download:

  1. Work is still cool and the travel is still killing me
  2. I have a passport!!!!! Malaysia is totally happening for Kogi and Tony’s wedding and everything is booked and sorted! It’s one very serious relief!
  3. Yesterday was Kogi’s hen’s day and it was very posh and civilised. I’ll tell you all about it, but am plannig on doing the same thing as a suprise next time mum and dad come visit Sydney-town so will put it after hte jump. Mum…you can check it out, and in some ways I kind of expect you to (I would, and i wonder where I got that from…) but it will ruin the surprise.
  4. What was going on on Friday? I have been ringing a stack of friends trying to organise catch-ups for a trip to Melbourne next weekend. It seemed like everyone felt like they were going a touch mental. Was it a full moon or something?
  5. And further to the Friday situation, was it national head-bumping day? I woke up to go to the bathroom at about 5am and found NTB alseep on the floor next to the bed. I thought it was weird, but was tired and jsut put him to bed. I had a bit of a case of the “bad-girlfriends”, however, when I noticed the next morning that he had a huge bump on his head, and had actually tripped and fallen and (I think…he’s a bit hazy about it) knocked himself out. He’s totally fine, but it was a bit of a worry there for a bit. Then I was waiting for the bus on my way to work that morning and saw a guy wipe himself out on the bus rear-view mirror. And then saw a girl walk into a window (thinking it was the door) that evening at pub trivia. How much do you believe in coincidence?
  6. My friends Bec and Matt got engaged yesterday. A huge congratulations to the two of them!

OK that’s it for the update. I’ll work on another one as soon, as I can, I promise. For those of you who are not my mother…read on after the jump….

So Kogi’s hen’s day was High Tea. You all know how much I looooove tea. It was awesome! A whole tea menu! Plus all sorts of pastries and cucmber sandwiches and cute little cupcake things all on three-tiered cake racks. It was all very civilised and such a relaxing afternoon. I would highly recommend it as a great alternative to a trashy girl’s night on the town!




  1. Yeah Friday wasn’t far off a full moon – the full moon proper was on Wednesday so close enough!

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