Posted by: jacksterja | 7 October, 2008

Still Alive

Yup, I’m still here, despite the radio silence of late.

The whole new job thing is kind of kicking my arse a bit. The job itself has turned out to be way more interesting than expected, but the travel it a total and utter bastard. I pretty much get home exhausted every night. I know there are heaps of people who do far more than me, but I find the whole travel thing pretty hard to take, particularly in contrast to the laid-back thing I’ve been doing the last couple of months.

To not be a complete whinger, there are some really really good things about this job. Given it’s me, here’s a bullet-point list…

  • The work is quite challenging and although it’s a junior position, my new manager has decided to use all my skills and has me doing some pretty amazing stuff.
  • The company is way less penny-pinching than the last one I work with. They have the latest version of the software they’re using with all the modules and bells and whistles, plus super-fast PCs and access to actual IT people who can help out when you need access to something of have a request.
  • There’s a coffee machine in the lunch-room.
  • There’s a view of the national park and a river outside, plus some really nice balconies and rooftop areas to eat lunch.
  • There are lunch breaks. Proper ones where you go outside and eat you lunch. In the sun.
  • There’s a complimentary staff fruit box! This is totally awesome, as I’m a huge daytime fruit-bat.
  • My new manager is really, lovely. And so are all the other people I’ve met so far. It’s a relatively small company, and the CEO chatted to me (and knew who I was) in the lunch room the other day!

So there are some really cool things there. Pity about the travel. And the money. And the fact that the only lunch option within walking distance (even for Edmund Hilary, I kid you not) is a Macdonalds, and I’d pretty much rather starve. And the lack of WordPress and Facebook access.

So that’s kind of what I’ve been up to on the work front.



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