Posted by: jacksterja | 4 September, 2008

Quick Update

Just a quickie…I’m off to play pub trivia shortly!

Tomorrow I’m heading to Our Nation’s Capital (Canberra, for the OS visitors) to spend a couple of days with Sister P. It should be pretty good – I’ll get to fully indulge my passion for galleries, and also catch up with Cousin Nicola for dinner. I’m also catching a lift down (still not quite up to driving) with my friend Kate, who I known pretty much forever, but just found again, so a bit of road-trip action is definitely in order! I have the thermos ready to roll.

I had a big win today…I had to go to the dentist…something I usually hate with a complete passion. Yay! I have no cavities and didn’t have anything other than a clean. After about a year of intermittent dental work, this is very exciting news indeed.

I am recovering nicely from surgery last week. I can almost walk without a limp, even. For those of you who are that way inclined, I’m not one to suffer in silence and am happy to share all the gory details. Therefore, I have some excellent gory photos that I’m trying to get online. They include the sensational shots of the biggest bruise you’ve ever seen. For the squeamish amongst you, I’ll post them over on my photo website (with a big disclaimer) so that you will only see them if you go looking.

After geting back from Canberra, I’m heading off to Adelaide with NTB and to catch up with family and the gorgeous Sandy. So apologies in advance; I can absolutely guarantee crappy posting regularity over the next 2 weeks. Feel free to pop over there to the archives for a browse through blasts from the past if you miss me too much.

I am Australian. I am.Honestly, I am. You wouldn’t believe the difficulty I’m having proving that at the moment. I’m trying to get a new passport so I can attend a fabulous wedding in Malaysia in November. I am having the following difficulties….

  1. I was born in Canada to Australian parents and naturalised at birth.
  2. I have lost the naturalisation certificate, somewhere in one of the ten gazillion moves I’ve made in the past decade or so.
  3. I have actually had an Aussie passport before. It was stolen when I was travelling through Zimbabwe (a funny story about falling asleep on a bus full of nuns, that perhaps I’ll share some day). I actually got a temporary one at the time (it helped with getting home). But the old temp passport is at my mum & dad’s place in Tassie (I think – it could be at my house in Tassie). Mum & Dad are doing the Grey Nomad thing at the moment, and I’m not really in a position to fly to Tas just to look for an expired passport that may or may not be in one of two places in different cities.
  4. I’ve sent in the paperwork to get other proof. It’s apparently going to take 6-8 weeks, meaning I’m cutting things fine, as I will still have to do the passport application after I sort all this out.
  5. There’s a possibility that I may have some complications with a loan that the Australian embassy gave me in Harare many years ago. It was paid, but I’m not sure whether it was struck from my record….on the upside, it was for $500 Zim Dollars…I’d be happy to pay the 50 cents that’s now worth again if I need to…

So wish me luck. If everyone else is sitting on the beach in Langkawi while I’m stuck here for want of a valid passport, I’m going to be particularly cranky.

OK, uploading has finished while I’ve been typing this up. If you so desire, you may check out gory leg photos here.

OK, the pub awaits. Catch you on the flip side!




  1. Oh my, Jacki wasn’t kidding about the gross factor re the varicose veins! And I thought as her sis I was reasonably familiar with them… Great results by the looks of it (if you can see past the swelling and bruising), hope you are feeling a million dollars. J, we expect a puh-retty shot of you wearing something short and sexy soon 😉

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