Posted by: jacksterja | 25 August, 2008

On Special.

There was a catalogue in the paper on Sunday, with a couple things on special that I actually need – a new USB Flash drive, and a new arm-band for my iPod.


So today I went to the shop to have a look, and perhaps a purchase.


I drove around to Domayne (for our Foreign readers, it’s an electronics chain store) and found my way to the appropriate MP3 accessories section. I was having trouble locating what I wanted. A helpful salesman came up, and after explaining I was looking for the arm-band in the catalogue, he helpfully directed me to the Apple section, instead. All Good.


Once the item was located and safely in my basket, I went to look for my new flash drive. I again found the right section, but could locate the same ones that were in the catalogue. Yet again a helpful salesman arrived. I explained what I was after by pulling the catalogue out of my bag (I’d had the forethought to bring it along, I’ve been caught before with store staff who don’t keep abreast of the catalogue specials).


The salesman took a look at the catalogue and then looked back at me. “Ummm, that’s a Harvey Norman catalogue. You’re at Domayne”


After stammering and confused checking the front of the catalogue, I realised he was right.


The salesman thought it was hilarious. And then did me a better deal than the one in the catalogue. Go salesguy!




  1. Wondered in trying to find a prezzy for the birthday girl on the weekend, found one, went to purchase. I said to the sales girl ‘I haven’t got my Myer one card can you look me up?’ She says ‘no I can’t you in David Jones’…. You are not alone.

  2. Hilarious!!! Had a good laugh. At least you got a great deal 🙂

  3. Have done the same thing!! And didn’t get a good deal out of it!! Had a good laugh.

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