Posted by: jacksterja | 25 August, 2008

Olympic Fever

I’m not really a fan of watching sport on TV, and I’m particularly not a fan of the scourge of the Olympics completely monopolising TV viewing whilst it’s on, but I’ve remained fairly quiet on the topic (denial, perhaps?).


I would, however, like to make one observation. Basically, what I’m seen of the Olympics has been on the news, and has anyone else noticed that regardless of whether a team has won or lost, support staff seem to be on the TV asking for money. If the team’s had a few winners, it’s because of the great stuff they’ve had access to and we wouldn’t want to lose that. If a team’s lost, it’s due to not enough investment in the team.


I don’t know if I’ve missed the point here somewhere, but aren’t these supposed to be, by definition amateur games (ie: Not professional or done for money)?


Personally, I’d prefer my tax dollars to be used on some minority causes. You know, like education, welfare, medical research, things like that.


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