Posted by: jacksterja | 13 August, 2008


I went and joined my local library yesterday and would you believe I didn’t get told to be quiet once?


I am going to Tassie on Thursday, plus I will have a bit of time on my hands when I’m recovering from surgery, so I wanted to get my hands on some light reading – the type that you don’t necessarily want to buy. So I decided to go join my local library.


Why haven’t I done this earlier?


\I was so impressed when I got there and joined up. It’s quite a small library, but part of a group of libraries covered by the same council, so the catalogue is quite comprehensive. Membership was free, because I live within the council area and that means I can borrow heaps of stuff for ages for absolutely nothing! Plus they have CDs, DVDs, Talking books and subscriptions to all sorts of periodicals. Plus they have free internet access! And printers and photocopiers. I have been kind of struggling with being at home and only having the same amount of internet access that used to do me fine for a couple of hours every weekend, and this deals with the short-term shortage beautifully!


The lady who signed me up was friendly and helpful and not at all dour or anything like the stereotypical librarian. She even cracked a few jokes with me!


So I’m all set for holiday reading. And I’ll be back soon to use all the other services. I’m a total library convert! Trust me, you should check your own library out today!


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