Posted by: jacksterja | 12 August, 2008

The Results Are In

Woo hoo! I actually did it! The City2Surf was on Sunday and I actually did it! It was seriously hard work, starting with all the training, and definitely culminating with a very hard slog on the day, but it was also exhilarating and one of the most satisfying things I’ve done. Ever.

There were times when I was ready to give up and get the train home. There were times when I actually relaxed into it and felt like I was actually enjoying myself, and there were times when it was only sheer stubbornness that kept me running along. But I did it! I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now! Results cam out today and I did it in 114 minutes. My goal (apart from beating everyone on crutches) was to come in at under 2 hours, so I definitely achieved it, and am planning already for next year (believe it or not!).

Well done also to all of my fellow runners (all of whom beat me, but let’s bear in mind I was only competing against myself!) who all did a sensational run too – Sister P (who managed a fantastic time, despite having the flu), Ronene (my training buddy who did an amazing time) Ceri, Janelle, Bec, and Chen who have all been part of getting me to this point, and Michael and Craig who shared the recovery experience on the day. A big thanks also, to Ronene’s family – Chad & Vanessa – who let us all take over their house for a recovery lunch and showers!

Yee Hah! I’m still on a high (despite the lingering soreness)…and definitely planning the next challenge! I’m thinking the Bridge run is a definite possibility (depending on recovery from my surgery next week), and I’m having delirious thoughts about the possibility of working towards a triathlon after Mal put the idea in my head and I haven’t been able to shake it! So fear not – the hard work continues!

And if you need proof or feel some sort of burning desire to see me in all my sweaty delerious-looking glory, you can do so here


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