Posted by: jacksterja | 18 July, 2008

Faith No More

So, after yesterday’s little rant, you may have picked up that I am a little over the pilgrim invasion that’s currently taken over Sydney. I’m in the worst possible location for avoidingany of it, as my office building is right smack bang between the station and the main staging area. I could literally see the pope from my desk yesterday. Well, the pope-mobile, anyhow. I’m on the 28th floor, let’s be realistic. I am currently sitting here with that annoying muffled thud noise coming through the windows from rehearsals for this evening’s events.

I knowit’s youthful enthusiasm and that it’s only realistic to expect that the thousands of young pilgrims here from various countries all over the world might be a little excitable. But, dammit, I’ve never let reason like that stop me before from being cranky and old before my time.

Anyway, I left the city early yesterday. a) we were told to go early to beat the crowds of pilgrims exiting once the dude in white had said his piece, and b) being NTB’s birthday, I needed to duck into Newtown before celebrations began to pick up his present.

So I hopped off the train and headed up King Street, the main drag of Newtown. I walked past a bus-stop and there were a couple of teenagers sitting on the pavement waiting for a bus (true! I know, amazing, isn’t it!) with their eyeliner and their black clothes and their emo attitude.

I looked at them a smiled to myself. Real, regular Newtown teenagers. Not a red, yellow and orange backpack or a flag or a butchered reworded song sung at the top of lungs by an overexcited group in sight.

They gave me faith. Faith that things will go back to normal next week.


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