Posted by: jacksterja | 8 July, 2008

A Paperclip, a stick, Cigarettes, Binoculars, A Fire Hose, Chocolate and a Cold & Flu Tablet

What do all these things have in common?


Well, according to wikipedia’s List of Problems Solved by MacGyver, they were all used to do amazing things in episode 1.


That’s Awesome.


For the record (if you chose to not click on the link), they were used to (respectively)

  1. Defuse a highly advanced nuclear warhead
  2. Fire an AK47 to distract guards
  3. Make a “Rocket Thruster”
  4. Illuminate a laser grid
  5. Disarm a laser grid
  6. Rescue a group of people trapped in a building
  7. Plug a sulphuric acid leak
  8. Create a bomb to open a door.

I’m exhausted just thinking about watching this episode!


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