Posted by: jacksterja | 24 June, 2008

Old Friends, New Favourites

I haven’t put much food-related stuff up lately. Based on the emails I’ve received (comments work, too, people!)  there’s still some appetite (ha ha! erm…excuse the pun) out there for the odd recipe.

So what have I been eating lately that’s interesting enough to post about?

I made a Moroccan curry. It was basically diced sweet potato, green beans, diced eggplant (no need to salt or pre-cook) and chickpeas cooked in the slow cooker with a store-bought Moroccan spice mix. It was bloody delicious. Plus, I’m rediscovering cous cous as an alternative to rice. How good is cous cous? Firstly, I don’t have the problem of clashing appliance needs (my slow cooker is also my rice cooker), plus cous cous is also the easiest possible thing on the planet to cook. Seriously. It’s no different to making pot noodle, and a whole lot tastier. (I did, however, follow instructions  on the pack and used veggie stock instead of plain boiling water, and it added a whole new world of flavour if you want to go to that extra effort!)

Continuing the cous cous theme, I also had a Turkish night, with home-made felafels (I’m sure if you google you can find a recipe and don’t need mine). To go with them I made home-made tabbouleh. also too easy – cous cous, diced flat-leaf (Italian) parsley, diced tomato, a splash of oil and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Why I have never made this before, I have no idea. It went down a treat (and third helpings) with NTB too.

The highlight of recent kitchen adventures, however, has been Jalapeno walnut burgers, made pretty much exactly from the recipe I’ve linked to. This recipe is a WINNER!!!! I have eaten these things four times in 6 meals and am still loving them. They are DELICIOUS!!! Plus, the recipe is huge, so I’ve actually frozen half the mix for later use. (Note, half the recipe made 7 dense burgers – one was enough for me and two for NTB per meal.)

The first dinner we had of these was on rolls, with green salad toppings, and a quinoa salad on the side (another experiment, and very good). The salad was cooked, cooled quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah, if you didn’t bother clicking the link), chopped capsicum, spring onions, toasted sunflower seeds, and chopped artichoke hearts. I had a bit of rocket pesto left in a jar in the fridge, so added some extra olive oil and balsamic to the jar, shook it all up, and then poured the lot over as a dressing.

Last night turned out to be “use up leftovers” night. I cooked up the last of the walnut burgers, and served up leftover quinoa salad, tabbouleh, and green salad. I’d been on a big run (more about that shortly) so needed a few more carbs (and NTB can always use them) so I microwaved a couple of potatoes then mashed them with a sprinkle of parmesan. NTB also had about 8 slices of toast on the side to keep up his strength! It was kind of an odd and eclectic mix of flavours, but somehow it seemed to work a treat!

In the planning phases, there was kohlrabi in the greengrocers when I as there on the weekend. I’ve never seen it before, let alone cooked it. Of courseit went in the basket! Ummm…any suggestions of what to do with it?

Also, my friend Scott gave me a big bag of organic oranges from his sister’s tree. They’re sweet and amazing, but more than I can juice or eat in slices. Any thoughts, anyone? Feel free to leave comments….


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