Posted by: jacksterja | 19 June, 2008

Better Late than Never

So I’ve finally gotten around to posting about the weekend!

This past weekend I was Rogainingagain, in the Paddy Pallin 6 hour event. It was, in short, the best Rogaine I’ve done….for the following reasons:

  1. My team was great. Sister Petrina, Cousin Nicola and honorary family-member-for-the-day Jari. No cranky moments, no tantrums, and no out of control competitiveness. Just some honest-to-goodness teamwork.
  2. Pre-event carb-loading the night before at Danielle’s place in the blue mountains. Mmmm…pasta, garlic bread, cheese, chocolate…and all about as guilt-free as these things ever get!
  3. The rain held off, and it wasn’t as cold as we were scared it might be (snow wasn’t out of the question!)
  4. I seem to be a lot fitter than last time we did one of these. It certainly made the day more enjoyable for me (and, I suspect, less frustrating for the younger, fitter members of my team).
  5. The course was really great. It was a little flatter than usual, but with lots of rough bush-bashing opportunities and plenty of tracks and paths to help reorient yourself if you get a bit lost. It also had some sensational views of the cliffs, and several different types of terrain for variety.
  6. We actually learnt from our mistakes from last time and focussed a lot more on navigating correctly. As a result, we ended up actually getting every check we had aimed to, apart from one (and we accidentally ended up getting an extra one worth more points on that occasion, so it turned out OK!). Plus we arrived back at base with about 15 minutes to spare, instead of having to sprint on sore feet like last time!

Also a bonus (related issue) was the fact that I had the forethought to book Monday off as a leave day to recover. It certainly made all the difference…except to my calves which for some reason have insisted on reminding me how hard they worked ever since!

So, it was a great day. Thanks girls!

Our results, in case you were wondering, were as follows… (bearing in mind we were only competing against ourselves, and not those crazy super-fit rogaining-legend types!)

Overall – 174th out of 220 (as opposed to something like our previous 4th-last effort)

Womens division – 23rd out of 30.

Go us!


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