Posted by: jacksterja | 5 June, 2008

Extended Warranty? Why, yes please!

I was having lunch with a friend of mine yesterday. For the sake of anonymity, let’s call her Reblecca*.

Well neither Reblecca nor myself were in a particularly good mood. Possibly something to do with the atrocious weather we’ve been having here recently.

We were talking about what we’re up to at the moment, the usual idle lunch chit-chat. I mentioned that my dishwasher has broken and I’m getting a repair guy in on Friday morning to fix it under warranty.

“I’ma  big fan of the Extended warranty” said Reblecca with a smile.

“Ah, that’s right” I said, remembering a story Reblecca had told me regarding a free upgrade on her washing machine after it broke down and was unable to be fixed under the extended warranty.

“Ah yes,” she said “but did I tell you the rest of the story?”

I was now intrigued. Reblecca continued, telling me the story of how when she initially bought the aforementioned washing machine, she had also purchased an electric blanket. This item was, apparently, automatically included under the extended warranty.

Apparently, after 2 winters, the electric blanket stopped working properly. Normally, in this culture of disposable consumption, you’d think that this wasn’t too bad a run for an electric blanket, toss it out, and maybe consider whether or not it was worth replacing.

But not if you have an extended warranty. Reblecca marched that faulty electric blanket back to the store and called in the extended warranty, and marched out of the store with the full purchase price of the 2-year-old electric blanket in her hot little hand.

Well, we may have had a bit of a giggle at this. Clearly it wasn’t exactly the sort of thing that extended warranties are intended for.

And then we, of course, had to push the concept just that little bit further. We started thinking about what other things you could get an extended warranty for…

  • Clothing – sorry, this 2 year old shirt’s faded!
  • Stockings – sorry, these 2 year old stocking have a ladder in them!
  • groceries – sorry, this carrot has mummified in the crisper drawer of my fridge!
  • milk – sorry, this carton of milk has turned to yoghurt!

This may or may not be a funny concept for anyone else. Reblecca and I may well have laughed so loud people looked at us strangely, though.

*Not Her real name

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