Posted by: jacksterja | 3 June, 2008

Out of the Frying Pan

Remember yesterday’s whinge about my dismal trip to work?


  • Rain
  • Cancelled Train
  • Delayed train
  • Carriage closed
  • crush of damp and sweaty bodies (not in the good way)
  • train going the wrong way

Well, today we had all of the above, except for one addition…

  • Schoolboy excursion…consisting of:
  • 20 schoolboys crammed in the carriage
  • Approximately 16-18 years of age (judging by the plethora of wispy facial hair and acne)
  • seriously overexcited by the excursion
  • Playing their music over their phone speakers (hello! iPods are the friendly way to not subject your fellow commuters to your appalling teenage taste for generic R&B)
  • Farting and making jokes about it
  • Jostling and pushing each other, and therefore starting a jostling, pushing domino effect.

Sigh. Surely tomorrow can’t be worse? Watch this space to see if I’ve tempted fate by even thinking that.


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