Posted by: jacksterja | 29 April, 2008


Here’s a meme I found here and thought was interesting enough to do.

I Am 

i am:  more than you might think

i think: Life is too short

i know: Enough to know I don’t know that much

i want: to be better runner

i have: a broken toe

i wish: I had teleportation powers

i hate: people who can’t or won’t listen

i miss: out on lots of things being so far away  from my niece(s) and nephew

i fear: cockroaches. Strange, since I have no problem with spiders or snakes or things that might actually be dangerous.

i feel: like the long weekend was still too short

i hear: there are changes afoot

i smell: Like Jasmine and Ylang Ylang today.

i crave: Cheese. All the time.

i search: All the time. For things I’ve lost and to find my way back from getting lost.

i wonder: What clues the CSI team would get from me if they had to.

i regret: as little as possible.

i love: Beaches, sunny days, thunderstorms, picnics, salad sandwiches, red wine, good company, a bargain, my beat-up old car, recliner chairs, sleep-ins, leisurely breakfasts, catching up with old friends, board games, TV on DVD marathons, B-Grade horror movies, good food, cooking, clean sheets, polarfleece jumpers, camping trips, any and all kinds of tea, cheese!, NTB, my family and my friends.

i ache: in my poor toe.

i care: I really do.

i always: feel like a nap in the afternoon

i am not: good with directions

i believe: all I can do is my best, but it’s my obligation to do nothing less.

i dance: whilst cooking

i sing: poorly but with passion

i cry: when I’m frustrated

i don’t always: get to work on time.

i fight:: my battles as fairly as I can

i write: fast and passionately, and often run out of steam before constructing an elegant ending

i win: At scrabble and backgammon about half the time. At chess less often.

i lose: things constantly.

i never: seem to get started on that novel

i confuse: my left and right. North and South (and East and West).

i listen: to my new i-Pod incessantly

i can usually be found: wishing for a nap mid-afternoon

i am scared: that people don’t care about saving the world, one action at a time

i need: people around me. And a balance of time on my own.

i am happy about: finally getting a half-decent post done for a change



  1. Glad you enjoyed the meme enough to do it! Great answers.

  2. Ooo I like this at lot. Am finding the change of seasons this year a particularly contemplative time so am putting this on the top of my ‘to do’ list this weekend…

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