Posted by: jacksterja | 23 April, 2008

Still Alive

Believe it or not, I’m still alive. Here’s a quick update to get you (and me) up to speed (you know how I love a good bullet-point list)…

  • Work is a little crazy right now. Way too unexcitingly to warrant a post, but keeping me out of mischief all the same.
  • I have joined a gym. In the ongoing fitness quest this is a good thing. A new gym just opened up between my station and home. I literally have to walk past there to get home very evening, so I’m hoping the guilt works in my favour. Plus it’s getting way to cold and wet and dark in the mornings for me to honestly believe I’m going to be committed to getting up before the crack of dawn three times a week for boot camp too much longer.
  • Due to various circumstances, NTB and I have had to abandon our longstanding practise of separate residences. It’s taking a little adjusting, but is working surprisingly well. I’m also very impressed with having a live-in handyman…especially as I now have a shiny new pantry in my kitchen. I’m excited about this out of all proportion, but it makes a huge difference in my little kitchen.
  • I seem to be leaving my phone all over the place at the moment. Apologies to anyone who’s tried to reach me recently and failed.
  • How crap has this weather been in Sydney? I’m well beyond the “it’s good for the farmers” and “filling the catchments” arguments, and into the “I’m really, really over this” stage.
  • How good are podcasts? Why didn’t somebody tell me about this sooner? I’m soooo generation X sometimes, despite being on Facebook 😉
  • I’m a bit over the food theme for the moment. Not foodobviously, just writing about it on here. I did make some sensational mini-quiches the other day, though, cooking them in my muffin tin. Mmmm.
  • On the way to the city this morning, I saw at least half a dozen people wearing different types of gumboots. Did I miss another fashion memo? I’m sure I could actually get on board with a gumboots trend…
  • Bring on the ANZAC daylong weekend! I’m not being glib when I say that, trust me, I fully understand and respect what the holiday is all about. I also truly believe that it doesn’t get much more patriotically Australian than appreciating the full range of public holidays on offer annually. And I really need the break.



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