Posted by: jacksterja | 11 April, 2008

End of the Day

It’s near enough to the end of the day on a Friday afternoon that I really have no intention of doing any more work. Unfortunately the rest of the office hasn’t quite reached that point, so I’m stuck at my desk for another 20 minutes (until Friday afternoon drinks start).

I figured I would fill the time by keeping the recipe ball rolling with a recent addition to my regular rotation recipes. This was inspired by a meal I had at Little Creatures in WA on my recent trip, but I have merged a couple of things and added my own twist. It sounds a little odd, but trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Pear Pizza

Buy or make a fluffy, deep-dish pizza base. I usually prefer thin crusts, but in this case the fluffy one works better. I don’t know why, but it does.

Sprinkle the best quality Parmesan cheese you can afford over the crust – no other sauce.

Lay baby rocket leaves out, then thin-sliced, cored pear. Next layer is zucchini, which should be shaved into large thin slices using a vegetable peeler.

Sprinkle dried cumin seeds and a generous amount of pine nuts on top. Also pepper and chilli flakes if you fancy.

Bake however you normally cook pizza – I prefer hot oven as long as possible before stuff starts getting black at the edges.


Anyone else have delicious and/or unusual pizza favourites? Feel free to share in the comments…


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