Posted by: jacksterja | 10 April, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

Yesterday I posted all about me, and how good I’m feeling and how I’ve really done something for myself that is worthwhile and rewarding.

Today, in contrast, I’m going to write about doing something for someone else that is worthwhile and rewarding.

the company I work for a great record for social and environmental responsibility. It’s a big part of why I’ve stayed so long (don’t ask – too long for a 25 year-old to have been in the workforce 😉 ).

You may remember mention last year that they doubled my fund-raising efforts for the World’s Greatest Shave…there’s a whole category about it if you want a look, as I’m too lazy to sort out a hyperlink.

One of the other things that happens here, is that we all get a day’s leave per year to go and do volunteer work. It’s called “Community Day” and our team got together last Wednesday for ours.

14 of us, headed over North to a Spastic Centre Group home that was pretty run down. 4 women live in the home, and a couple of them have been there since they were pretty young, and the place hadn’t had anything done to it in about 15 years.

Our lovely team assistant Ali had contacted Bunnings (happy to give a shout-out on this occasion as they were great) and they provided paint and brushes and rollers and ladders and drop sheets and all manner of stuff required for a big day of painting, plus a couple of (more experienced than us) painters volunteered their time and came along as well. The residents had been contacted and had picked out their choice of paint colour and so when we arrived we set to work.

It was a good satisfying day’s work. There’s certainly something to be said for digging in and jsut getting things done. With quite a large group we made excellent progress, and by the end of the day had 2 coats of paint on the walls (and ceilings!) and dry, and all the furniture back in place and everything looking fantastic.

It was a really good feeling indeed.



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