Posted by: jacksterja | 10 April, 2008

An Explanation

An excerpt from an IM chat today…thought it might be good as a general perspective thing…

David                       Hey Jack, just been reading you blog about you crazy week. Is everything OK?

Jacki                        Yeah, sorry to be cryptic, just got caught in the middle of someone else’s drama. It’s one hell of a story…I’ll fill you in next time I see you

David                       No worries. Was just a little worried that’s all.

Jacki                        Thanks for the concern. I’m feeling a lot better about it now. It’s funny the whole blog thing – it captures how you’re feeling at an specific point in time. Often the act of writing about it helps you deal with it and move on, then by the time others react you kind of feel a bit bewildered!

David                       I can see what you mean. What are you up to next Tues? I have some time to kill before seeing a play at 8:00pm. Catch up?

Jacki                        I’m free. Let’s lock it in!

David                       I’ll send an invite





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