Posted by: jacksterja | 9 April, 2008

Lean & Mean

So let’s start with something familiar…an update on the fitness quest.


I’ve been doing pretty well since I arrived back from my WA trip. I was back to the same form as before I left and making plans to continue with my new group.


Then last week the weather was pretty average. I know what you’re expecting…you’re thinking that I’m going to tell you how that got in the way and I really couldn’t drag myself out of bed and everything went to hell.


Well you’d be completely wrong.


What actually happened is that everyone else went down that path. I, on the other hand (she smiles smugly) didn’t. I got my arse up and out of bed every morning to go along.


And so, on Monday last week there were 3 of us working out. On Tuesday the numbers dwindled to 2 of us, and on Saturday and Monday this week, I was the only person there.


So effectively I’ve been getting personal training sessions…twice as hard as going along with a group as there’s nowhere to hide, and you get the full attention of the trainer.


So instead of whining and hibernating in bed, drowning my sorrows in tim-tams, I’ve actually stepped things up!


And I feel great for it.


I’ll write shortly about what I got up to on the weekend (it’s worth a whole extra post) but suffice it to say, I was participating in an activity that, last time I did it, was a serious effort and left me hobbled for about 2 weeks.


This time there was a substantially smaller number of stops (gasping for air), and I was hardly sore afterwards.


Plus, I was at the station this morning, running up the stairs (yup, running!) which used to leave me breathless and gasping and that I actually considered a substantial proportion of my exercise routine based on the amount that it raised my heart-rate. When I arrived at the top of the stairs, I realised I had hardly even noticed getting to the top.


I remember my first day at boot camp, and the trainer asked what my fitness level was. I answered “low” without hesitation. Since then, if asked that question, I would have probably answered somewhere along the lines of “improving”. Now, however, I think I’m finally ready to consider myself as a “medium”. Yay me!!


So anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy I’ve done anything more in my life. I feel like a different person to what I was all those months ago. I have more energy (although I go to bed earlier!) and I find that the more exercise I do, the more I want to do. It’s just so much fun when you realise you actually can do things, and without resembling a wheezing beetroot.


So, I know I sound like a total convert, but I highly recommend getting out there!


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