Posted by: jacksterja | 6 March, 2008

The Wonders of Modern Technology

I’ve been meaning to write a post about new toys – specifically my new toys – for about 2 weeks, but haven’t quite gotten around to it, but it’s subsequently gotten more involved so hopefully we should get a better post out of in anyway.

So, I have new toys.

The first one is an in car Satellite Navigation thingamy. It’s a bit of a long story as to how this came about, but the short version is that it was a gift from my parents and I totally realise that I am spoilt.

What I’s like to know, is why everyone who I’ve told about my new toy has promptly told me in no uncertain terms that there is no other person on the planet who needs one of these gadgets more than I do.

Rude. True, perhaps, but rude nonetheless.

The other new toy is a brand new iPod Nano 3rd Gen, in Red (some charity contribution thing or another if you buy the red one, for the record). I’ve written before that I love good design, and this thing totally nails it. It’s beautiful to operate with a seriously intuitive interface and sleek graphics, and it took about 10 minutes to synch all my exiting music and set everything up ready to go. Plus it’s the sexiest piece of technology I’ve ever seen. It arrived beautifully packaged and everyone who was there when I opened the package (myself included, and I knew what I was getting) was floored by how cool it looked.

Also for the record, the old MP3 player was wasn’t compatible with my new laptop, and my dad was looking at buying one for himself, so I gave it to him, including completing the painful process of loading up all his music and setting it to random, so I managed to justify the purchase of a sexy new gadget for myself.

A couple of things I’d like to mention in relation to the purchase of my new iPod, though…

  1. Genuine iPod accessories are a total rip off. Happy to admit that I jumped on eBay and ordered in knock-offs from Hong Kong for a mere fraction of the price. Seriously, Apple…$48 for an arm band?
  2. If I’d written this post last night, it might have been a different story. My less-than-2-week-old iPod stopped working. I haven’t even dropped the thing yet! Well, maybe once, but it wasn’t from very high. Instead, since all you need to fix problems is included in iTunes it’s another glowing account of how good the purchase was. the problem was solved in no time flat with basically no effort.
  3. I’m highly unimpressed that I arrived at work today to an email from our HR area advising of a special staff offer…discounts on iPods. Of course.

 Still, if you see a blonde girl bopping down the street with her new red iPod and a smile on her face, give her a wave…it could just be me!




  1. The Red iPod thing is in fact all about (Product)Red, an organisation that raises money for the Global Fund for AIDS. They partner with ultra cool manufacturers to release limited edition Red products, with a certain percentage going to the fund. Bono is the organisations major advocate.

    There are numerous companies involved including Armani, Converse, Dell and Apple. The coolest item is a Red Amex card, where 1% of all money spent goes to the fund. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff, including the Amex, isn’t available in Oz. In fact, I bought an iPod Nano Generation 2 in the US and had my boss bring it back for me!

    Jacki, you’ll be very envious when you see my matching red earphones!

    You can find out more about (Product)Red products and subscribe to their eNewsletter at:

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