Posted by: jacksterja | 5 March, 2008

The Pool

Last night I went to the pool after work for a swim. I generally love making swimming a part of my regular exercise regime and have been doing especially a lot of it while I’ve been over here and had the time and not had any boot camp to fall back on. So off I toddled to the swim park.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve swum at an outdoor pool and how good it feels to swim along with the warm sun on your back. The pool was great – clean but not over-chlorinated, orderly, but not too strict on which lane you swim in, heated, but not too warm (I hate feeling red-faced and flushed at the end of sprint laps!), and not over-crowded.

I’m also used to swimming in a 25 metre pool, since there’s one in my building and it seems a bit silly to pay to use another one. this one was a glorious 50 metres. I could really get into a rhythm with it.

Anyway, it was a wonderful swim.

I’m going again tonight. I’ll be the one with the bathers and the cap and the goggles. He he.


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