Posted by: jacksterja | 4 March, 2008

Wild Wild West

I have now returned from the wilds of country Western Australia and have rediscovered the joys of both Internet and mobile phone coverage.

I’m actually now working in our Perth office for the next couple of weeks before returning to the big smoke. I guess that means you’re getting work posts and travel adventures all rolled into one. Lucky you.

The sad thing about all this is that it means I’m back at work. Why is always such a bloody shock to the system when you come back from a break of any significant length? At least in this case I have a couple of things going for me that mean it’s really not as bad as it could be.

Firstly, I’m getting to stay with my brother, Bronte, and his family. This includes his lovely wife Bec and my gorgeous niece, Kara Paige. Kara is 2 and a half. It’s so much fun spending time with kids when they’re around that age. Last night aunty Jacki taught her 2 very important life skills: 1) How to draw a smiley face. 2) How to do a high-five whilst both saying “Duuuuude!” The last one is particularly cute if initiated with each of us at the opposite end of a room, as it results in Kara running across the entire length of the room, hand up: “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude”. Yup. There could be a bit of doting aunty-hood occurring round here. There’s also another niece on the way. any suggestions for names?

Secondly, the weather has improved vastly since my last post, and it’s absolutely gorgeous here and it sucks in Sydney at the moment. Smugness rules.

Thirdly, I’m working with the lovely Enza, who finds me a desk any time I need it in Perth an is hilarious and a total sweetheart, and most importantly is currently a gorgeously glowing newlywed.

Fourthly, the time difference with Sydney is a great catch-all excuse for just about anything!

Fifthly, there is a brand new train line down to my brother’s suburb. The stations and the trains are clean and spacious and comfortable and the ticketing system is simple and effective and the train run frequently and on time. Despite my brother living quite a long way from the city of Perth, and me living quite close to the city of Sydney, I was bemused to realise the train journey takes pretty much about the same amount of time for ether trip. Come on Sydney, it’s really not good enough, is it?

Sixthly (is that even a real word, now?) I’m not really, really far away from family. Even though I’ve left Mel’s place, I’m still getting to see her (and nephew JD and BIL Brownedog) next weekend and possibly more before I go! That’s pretty awesome.

So all in all, life is pretty sweet. Hope you’re all as well and happy.



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