Posted by: jacksterja | 31 January, 2008

Quick Update

Yup, I’m totally copping out on a real post for today as well. Just wanted to mention a couple of things…

  1. Thanks to everyone who checked up on my after my migraine post on Tuesday. I’m all better now, thanks.
  2. I’m really really really really busy at the moment – I have boot camp 3 days a week, swimming a couple of days a week, physio a couple of days a week, and I have a new manager getting up to speed at work. There are plenty of archives on the side over there if you fancy a look at something more interesting than this page every time you refresh.
  3. Mum arrives tonight and little sis Petrina tomorrow for a girl’s weekend in Sydney, complete with surprises. I’ll probably be offline for the next couple of days, but hopefully will return next week with lots of stories that may or may not be suitable for turning into posts.
  4. Does anyone want a lounge suite? I have a perfectly good one to give away as I’m getting recliners!!

So see you all in a few days!



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