Posted by: jacksterja | 24 January, 2008

Note for resume: “Exceptional Problem Solving Skills”

Hiya everyone,

 I’ve been a bit out of action of late with some nasty (but boring to write about) RSI issues with my shoulder whenever I use a computer. I have, however, located a sensational physio who is making some inroads so you may anticipate a return to normal posting patterns very soon.

To tide you over, here’s a little anecdote…

I bought new wine glasses the other day. Big Beaujolais glasses (very nice to drink from). So I got them home, unloaded the box into the dishwasher and gave them a run through with the rest of the dishes that evening.

The next morning, whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, I decided to empty the dishwasher. I put away all the glasses but one, as I discovered that they’re a bit too big to all fit on the shelf where I wanted to store them. The remaining glass I placed on the bench in front of me, whilst I looked up and assessed how I might be able to rearrange the contents of the cupboard to accommodate the new glasses.

As I did so, I put my hand down on the bench…whilst looking up at the cupboard (can you see where this is going?). The next thing I’d knocked the glass and it had smashed into a gazillion pieces (maybe more!). As I cleaned up the mess, I realised I now don’t need to rearrange the cupboard. >:-)



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