Posted by: jacksterja | 10 January, 2008

What do vegetarians have for Christmas lunch?

The question you’ve always wanted to know the answer to, but have been to afraid to ask…..

So now, the answer (for this year at least): 

First course: Fruit and nuts (start the day light so you pace yourself)


late morning is about time to pop the first cork


second course consisted of some amazing cheeses (thanks P), nashi pear, figs, port wine marinated mushrooms, char grilled capsicum and red grapes


Then comes the main event: Individual nut and mushroom loaves, roast vegetables and a cracked wheat salad, served with a variety of condiments. Note that there is now more than one glass each on the table. At any given point we had sparkling, red, white, rose and gin & tonics under way!


Let the fun begin!!!


the usual unfunny christmas cracker jokes….


….somehow got funnier as the day wore on!


Dessert did happen, but it was much later that night after a number of other people arrived and a vast quantity of drinks had been consumed, so we didn’t actually manage any photos. For the record it was caramelised mango with home-made watermelon sorbet and was really tasty.

I know a lot of people wouldn’t dream of varying from their own christmas traditions, and that’s totally cool; I used to do that and I totally get it. It is just interesting to note that there is something a little liberating about being able to invent your own traditions and do something a bit special your own way. I know we had a great day and ate and drank an inordinate amount and made any number of carnivores drool with our veggie menu!

Thanks to my darling sister Petrina (who features in most of these photos as there were only the 2 of us for lunch and someone had to take the photos) who loves cooking vegetarian feasts at least as much as I do!


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