Posted by: jacksterja | 8 January, 2008

A couple of things worth mentioning

  1. I am wearing beautiful, beautiful new shoes. They’re beautiful. And they’re not even hurting despite the fact that they look so good that they ought to hurt. They’re purple patent leather heels, as unlikely as that sounds, and I bought them on total impulse (plus, they were a bargain), and I love them.
  2. Boot camp is back on with a vengeance. We had a session on Saturday which was a nice breezy, free, “bring your friends along to see how they go” session. This morning was not. It was actually one of the hardest sessions ever. I usually get that endorphin high afterwards and bounce around getting ready for work in a good mood. This morning I had to have a bit of a quiet sit down before I could eat due to real danger of vomiting. I think I may be a little sore tomorrow. Gulp.
  3. I haven’t forgotten that everyone’s doubtless dying to hear all about my holiday and Christmas and New Years (maybe people involved, anyway) but I have been sorting through all the pictures and went to post them when my ISP went offline and will get things sorted very soon. Watch this space for many humorous observations on camping and other amazing stuff.
  4. Being back at work after holidays truly sucks. đŸ˜¦
  5. I might get around to something on New Year’s Resolutions soon, too. Until I do, does anyone have anything they’d like to share?

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