Posted by: jacksterja | 7 January, 2008

Humble Pie part 2

You may remember, lost in the mists of time, a post about a little slip-up that put me in the girlfriend bad-books with NTB.

Well, I’m ashamed to have to admit that I may have outdone myself.

Remember how busy I was with multiple visitors and preparations prior to Christmas, compounded by the stress of dental dramas? Well I’d like to mention all these things to simply point out how tired I actually was on the Saturday night before Christmas.

So after an evening out with friends, my visiting sister Petrina and NTB and I headed home, quite weary. I’d also like to mention at this point that the evening was a particularly warm and humid one.

At home I have an air-conditioner, but I actually find I use the thing very little, due to the fact that the apartment is pretty well insulated by other apartments above and below. but this evening it seemed necessary as we arrived home to a really hot stuffy apartment.

NTB assumed his customary seat on the balcony whilst I decided to head straight to bed (very weary, remember?). I gave the customary kiss goodnight and closed the balcony door behind me, you know, to keep the cool air conditioned air inside.

so it appears I may have, as is my habit, flicked the lock shut as well, leaving poor NTB stranded, as he discovered a short while (but long enough for the fellow inhabitants to be fast asleep) later.

I then may have failed to hear any banging on the door for the next hour and a half or so…

In my defense, it isn’t uncommon for NTB to sit up that long, and I always eventually come and check up on him when he does, so he wouldn’t have been out there all night.

Thanks to my little sis for finally hearing and letting him back in, though.




  1. That’s funny.

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