Posted by: jacksterja | 20 December, 2007

See you soon

I’ve written here before about my girls. I’ve been really privileged to have some of the best friends I could possibly ever ask for.

Sandy is one of them. Over the last couple of years she’s always been there for me, through the odd sad time, but an awful lot of fun times. She’s been a great friend and many other things…

  • A dinner party hostess with the mostest
  • Nearly as big a clutz as I am
  • Always up for a trip to the pub if we need to vent…even if it’s only Monday night (or sometimes because it’s Monday night)
  • The first half of a ridiculous amount of sentences I finish
  • A gorgeous model for some of the most beautiful brochures ever…and a few other things to boot
  • Someone who can always make me laugh, no matter what
  • Someone who also understood what it was like to pick up and move your whole life and start over a long way from everyone and everything you know.
  • and a million other things beside

The only thing I can fault her on is the fact that she’s leaving today, moving back to Adelaide today.

I understand why she needs to go, but I miss her already. I did my best to tempt her to stay, but I just heard from her and she’s about to get on her flight. 

 So, Sandy, you’ll be most sorely missed. There’s always a place for you here if you change your mind! 


So I refuse to say goodbye. I’ll just say See you soon!


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