Posted by: jacksterja | 12 December, 2007


That’s what I’d be now if the fire had been bigger, or higher up.

We just had a fire in our building. Not a very exciting one, but enough that a full evacuation seemed to be the thing to do.

It’s the first time that the full building has needed to get out, rather than a couple of floors.

It was, to be kind and understated, a debacle.

The fire stairs proved hugely inadequate for getting the number of people out that were trying to get out. Traffic ground to an absolute halt about halfway up the building and went nowhere from there.

Then when the whole thing was finally called off, people were sent back in the fire doors, but the lifts weren’t working, so everyone had to climb back up the regular stairs.

And the air conditioning’s been off ever since.

Scary, really.



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