Posted by: jacksterja | 11 December, 2007

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

*CLAP* *CLAP*!!!

Nothing in particular, I’m just having one of those sesational days that pop up now and again for no good reason.

I ran up a really big hill this morning. Actually ran. Three times! I was pretty stoked with myself since I was decidedly nauseous last time I attempted the same hill a month ago. Plus it’s been a bit of a personal goal to be able to do it, so I was in a very good mood from then on.

Then I actually got out the door on time and made my train, which wasn’t delayed and I found a seat.

And a new coffee shop opened this morning next to the entrance to the station so I was handed a complimentary cappucino as I entered the station. And it was a bloody good one, too. Life doesn’t get much better than this happening out of the blue, let me tell you!

Then I arrived at work to discover that every one of my overnight queries worked perfectly (probably doesn’t mean much to anyone outside my job, but trust me on the fact that that pretty much never happens).

Even my dodgy shoulder seems to be feeling better today.

I’m really just having a great day.

And I really hope you are too!


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