Posted by: jacksterja | 27 November, 2007

Tea Nirvana

As part of the no-milk challenge, I have recently changed my preference in teas (a very big step for me) to the more fragrant teas like Earl Grey and Lady Grey ( a fact I’ve mentioned in a previous post)

Given that I like a good quality loose leaf tea, especially when I’m at home and use my teapot, I decided to take a trip to my favourite specialty tea shop (yes, I have a favouritespecialty tea shop, strange as that may sound) on Saturday afternoon.

So I walked into T2 in Newtown and had a bit of an explore. The tea shop is a bit of a magical place with jugs and pots of brewed tea for you to try and little bowl of tea leaves arranged everywhere so you can smell all the different types and floor to ceiling shelves full of different types of tea and tea-pots and tea-cups and baskets and assorted containers full of strainers and teaspoons and all manner of infusing contraptions.

So I was there and checking out all the teas and settled on a French Earl Grey. I’m not quite sure how that works, exactly, but I can assure you that it is the most amazing tea on the planet. Bar none. It’s practically magical. I brought it out after dinner that night for my guests to have a bit of a smell of (because it’s so enticing) and they all abandoned their wine and beer and insisted on me brewing a pot immediately. It’s that good!

So if you’re in Melbourne or Sydney, there are T2 shops around and I recommend making a bee-line. If not, you can (and should) order online as soon as possible from here.

I may never drink any other tea again!


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