Posted by: jacksterja | 19 November, 2007

Observations from a weekend

  1. I love the South Coast of NSW
  2. Berry bakery makes the best bread in the world
  3. Berry Pizza shop does a pretty fantastic pizza
  4. Loud-enough thunder can set of car alarms
  5. People who live in the bush have a good reputation for a good reason
  6. As much as I love wine, there really is no substitute for a cold beer on a really hot day.
  7. My favourite vineyard is still my favourite, and for all sorts of wonderful reasons. I wouldn’t want it to get too  popular, though, so I think I’ll keep the location to myself for the moment
  8. I Love the South Coastof NSW.
  9. Bring on Christmas – we have a new tent and more than a weekend to get away! You’ll never guess which direction we’re heading….

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