Posted by: jacksterja | 16 November, 2007

There was movement at the station…

…or, actually the office.

Yep, it’s moving day around here. Everyone’s packing up and reserving the goods list and checking out desks and undoing cables and moving one floor up.

Yes, If you have an acute memory, you’ll remember I moved one flight down only a couple of months ago. But a totally different thing. Obviously. Just because I’m right back exactly next to my old desk doesn’t mean that the whole things isn’t entirely different.

At least I’ve done a couple of desk moves recently and all my stuff is pretty zen-minimalist. Some peole haven’t moved in quite some time. You can imagine the sort of things some hoarders can amass over the course of 2 years sitting at the same desk…

so there’s excitement and confusion, and above all the sweet promise of office drinks as the end of it all…..

Plus, I somehow managed to score my own locker on the new floor. And that’s worth more than its weight in gold. They talk about the rising property prices, but I reckon that’s nothing next to the worth of a 2-foot cubed locker in the office!


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