Posted by: jacksterja | 15 November, 2007

Boot Camp Update

Yes, I actually made it back. In case there was ever a doubt in your mind.

6am today I was back at the park with the loud bossy man telling me to do hurty things.

This morning was definitely better, though. We did Boxing! If anything in this whole experience was ever designed for getting me interested (barring the recommendation of an exclusive red wine and cheese diet), it would have to be boxing. It was loads of fun (still hard, but fun regardless) and I actually found myself enjoying this whole thing in the second session which was about 12 sessions earlier than I expected (yup, I only booked for 12 sessions. I was trying to be funny there. Ha um ha ahem…). there’s just something so satisfying about the thump of glove to pad.

So, sore as I still am, with my bike and my boxing. How long exactly until I’m a lean, mean exercise machine?


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