Posted by: jacksterja | 7 November, 2007


…was Nick and Justine’s wedding. Congratulations to both of you – and it was a fantastic day to boot.

The day was quite busy, though. Getting myself ready was the first hurdle, then getting over to Sandy’s for Jacki’s hair salon. We were picked up by Simon & Anna who drove us to the church. It was a Greek orthodox ceremony so quite different from any other weddings I’ve been to.

After the ceremony we headed back to Sandy’s place as it was quite convenient to the reception, with a Kogi and Tony joining us…a bit like the pied piper gathering wedding guests along the way!

Ronene met us there after attending her god-daughter’s baptism (bit of a scheduling clash, there) and we relaxed and had a quiet drink before heading to the reception.

the reception was an absolute blast – lots of dancing and lots of wine and an unbelievable amount of amazing food! I’ll try to get a couple of photos posted tonight for those who are interested.

After a long night of merry-making, it was back via Sandy’s for a quick nightcap and then home to collapse into bed!


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