Posted by: jacksterja | 18 October, 2007

shock, horror

OK, another name change is in order. I just found another blog that’s called the same and it’s being written by an even bigger nerd than me. And he’s getting higher search ratings.

We can’t have that now.

Any suggestions? Come on, now. I know you’re all out there lurking. A comment wouldn’t kill you would it? Prizes, perhaps? Hmmm. Chocolate for the first person to comment and more chocolate for anyone who comes up with a new name…



  1. What about your two most popular items whingeing and stuff and call it Whining and Stuff….
    OK whingeing was really equal 3rd on the list but doesn’t matter
    My life and other stuff……
    Try and stop me…..
    Or I am still a fan of
    Jacki’s jabberings.

    PS not sure if I spelt whining right but hopefully you get the idea.

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