Posted by: jacksterja | 10 October, 2007

My Day

I’m having a bit of a day.

I was woken at the crack of dawn by pounding on my door. I opened it to find our building security guard advising me that my car and 29 others had been broken into overnight. This happened to Ronene last week, a couple of blocks away and I was highly unimpressed with the repeat performance in my building.

At least the day took pity on me once this morning. There was a mistake and my car was, fortunately, not one of the ones broken into.

Last night I stayed up quite late to try to get tickets for the Big Day Out music festival. They went on sale at midnight. After about 40 minutes of not being able to even get onto the site, I had to go to sleep.

Given that I was up and about so bloody early today, I hopped back online to try again. Another frustrating hour of trying, and being thwarted right at the card verification stage annoyed the hell out of me.

Instead, I decided to head to work and try the 9am release on Ticketmaster. After another frustrating 40 minutes of being in a queue, I finally managed to get the “Sold Out” message.

Surely there has to be a better way of selling concert tickets?????? Can’t some techie out there pick up the idea, run with it, solve it and make a fortune????

Anyway, my dramas didn’t end there. Next thing you know, I receive a text message telling me my phone bill is overdue and I needed to pay it as soon as possible.

I pay by direct debit and therefore found this fact very strange.

After battling with semi-functioning voice recognition technology and confusing menus, I finally manged to find someone who told me I hadn’t provided my credit card’s new expiry date.

Fair enough. I guess I could have forgotten that, although I managed to update it for everything else that uses a direct debit. My mobile account could have fallen through the cracks. I conceded defeat and provided him with the new expiry date. Which it turns out he already had.

He proceeded to tell me how the whole thing normally works. I was really not interested, given that the process had not actually worked. I finally managed to explain this enough times to get him to confirm that everything would be sorted next payment and that I wouldn’t be charged any penalties. Right before he tried to tell me again how it normally works. Fingers crossed.

Next thing you know, the job I’m working on at the moment is changed (for the second time) as a result of the initial requestors not actually knowing what it is they want. This means I had to start again from scratch. For the second time. 2 day’s work down the drain, and let me tell you, it’s not exactly the most riveting of stuff and I actually wasn’t wasn’t entirely sure it was my job to do it in the first place and only did it as a favour….

Anyway, I’ve been here since quite early this morning. I think I might head home early this afternoon. And hide from the day.



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